MIP-45 Integral system for digital image analysis

MIP-45 provides you all necessary tools to process and analyze digital images. It starts from the control of the image capture device and progress through the manipulation, enhancement, calibration, and a wide fan of possibilities of measures and annotation of the images. To end, it allows you to index and store your processed images and generate personalized rapports of measures done. All it in a Windows environment, easy to use, with detailed manuals and tutorials in Spanish.

The MIP-45 Adv. includes more than 300 functions that easily help you to control image capture devices (video cameras, digital photo cameras and scanners). Digital images can be calibrated to obtain quantitative information (morphometric, densitometric and colorimetric). Annotations can be added to images. Processed images can be easily indexed and stored and databases generated to keep an historical record of measures done with process, norms and images used.

MIP-45 is a modular system, in which each not specific module incorporates all functions of the previous modules adding new advanced functions to automatize measuring and control processes. In addition, the system includes specific appointed modules to facilitate the work in specific applications. The easy way to program macros of routines permit that the user integrates in the system their own applications in an extraordinarily simple form.

MIP-45 is composed of three main modules:

Each of these general modules admit other more specific modules for certain functions and applications: