Digital Image Systems provides you the tools to capture, process, store and indexing your images.

D.I.S.   has developed all the necessary tools to process and analyze digital images as well as for research ( medicine, forensic, biology, geology, new materials, agriculture...) as to the quality control in the industry ( metallurgical, cars manufacturers, pharmaceutical, alimentary, new materials, etcetera.). A wide fan of users guarantees with their endorsement the utility of our products in the more diverse environments of the industry, research and education.

Our products are completely adapted to your needs. They guide you from image capture, manipulation and storage to analyze and extract the necessary information. In addition, you will find de easiest way to create databases, galleries of reference images for comparison and generate personalized rapports.

We can develop specific applications that by using your own parameters, allow you to facilitate the routine processes of quality control or adapt your measures and rapports to specific norms of quality.

Our technical services can certify the calibration of your system in an independent way.